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I was a very unathletic until around the age of 17.  I used to spend my time sitting around on the couch, eating donuts and watching TV.  I hated myself and I hated life.  I had no purpose or direction in life and felt like I didn’t fit in anywhere. 

I was introduced to mountain biking in late 1996 and bought a cheap bike at KMart for about $100.00.  I went for my first mountain bike ride wearing tight denim shorts, a tight white shirt, black dress boots, and large hoop earings.  I suffered terribly but actually had fun.  Soon I found myself in a bike shop buying a used bike that was what the shop considered a “real mountain bike”.  I also purchased a helmet and a pair of riding shorts.  They soon talked me into riding with toe cages and riding more often.

One day I went to the bike shop looking for a way to meet people to ride with.  They told me that there was a mountain bike race in June 1997 and that even if I sucked I would still meet people who rode.  I showed up at the race, alone, not knowing what to expect.  There were only about 6 women racing that day.  I got on my bike and took off at the sound of the whistle.  I puked, I sweat, I suffered relentlessly, and I managed to get 2nd place.  I also met a bunch of people that day who would change my life forever.

I soon started to ride with people and began learning about training, riding clipless pedals, eating better, and most importantly how to like myself.  With my racing I felt like I belonged, like I had a reason to wake up each day.  My life finally had meaning and I finally had friends.

Fast forward several years and along the way I have met so many people who have touched me in so many different ways.  Some of them I owe my life to and most of them molded me along the way into the person I am today.  They introduced me to new sports, inspired me, helped me learn that I can do whatever I dream to do as long as I put my heart into it, and they gave me the best gift of all, friendship.

The person I am today is a little bit of each person along the way who has taught me something special.  There are so many people I look up to and strive to be like, but in the end, all I want to be is me.  I hope that I can inspire others and give back what so many people have given to me.  I thank each and every person who has helped mold me into who I am today.

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An ordinary girl living a not so ordinary life

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