The trip started out with a lot of excitement and anticipation. Ryan and I both went into it knowing the pace and outcome would lie in my ability to pull this off.  Right at the start the Kilkenny ridge trail was a disaster and it was covered in blowdowns, overgrowth and we even got lost once.  Once on Waumbek it was easy going and we were soaking wet but in great spirits!  We were ready to tackle the road and started the long trek to Gorham.  We made games of counting how many license plates from different states we saw (28 including 2 from Canada) and laughed.  Our feet started to hurt so we changed out to dry socks, lubed up the feet and carried on down the road.  By the time we got to Appalachia I could barely walk and both of our feet were sore.  We both had trench foot and blisters.  Mine were worst than Ryans.
Ryan helped me deal with my foot issues and we made the decision to cut the day short and set up camp.  We had a great nights sleep and got up at 4am to begin the next leg of the road walk.  My feet felt like they were turning into ground beef and we both did not enjoy the pavement.  We finally got into town and on the trail to Moriah where I was able to make decent time up to the summit.  I did realize that there was no way I could hold 2.5 mph but 2 would be doable.  We were happy again and Ryans feet were starting to feel better.  On the descent from Moriah my feet completely came apart.  I got about 3 more blisters and one was on the ball of my foot.  We stopped again and Ryan tried to help me out again with my feet.  I started to get the trench on my heel too.  By the time we got to North Carter I couldn’t even walk 1mph.  We talked and I told Ryan I was okay with him going on without me.  I could tell he wanted to go but he made the decision to come down with me.  It was a hard decision to make and I was mostly dissapointed that I let Ryan down.  I could not have done this in 7 days but believe 8 was very realistic.  The blisters were getting worse on the way down and I no longer felt bad about bailing.
I learned so much on this trip and it made me want to go back and try this again in the future.  Hopefully no blisters next time!  It may have only been two days but it felt like a week and I am still smiling from giving it a try and spending a couple of wonderful days with Ryan.    Thanks to Bob n Geri for helping us out!  🙂

2 thoughts on “Blisters!!!!!”

  1. We are both fine and Ryan decided to come back out with me! We learned a lot (especially me about foot issues) and plan to attempt it again in the future! It was a wonderful experience! The Killkenny was loaded with blowdowns and was soaking wet, then spending 18 miles on the road with soaked sneakers and socks (we did put new ones on but my sneakers made mine wet again), I ended up with Trench foot and blisters. Got worse on day two and had to bail. Still had a blast!

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