Jost Van Dyke trail running

Jost Van Dkye trail running involves a bit more jeep road running than single track but it is still a fun one if you wanted to visit for a day or two!

Looking from the high point

Where is Jost Van Dyke?  How do I get there?  Where do I stay?

Jost Van Dyke is a small island in the British Virgin Islands.  The island is known for its firey atmosphere and anything goes vibe.  It is a bit of a process to get to Jost Van Dkye and we chose to fly into St Thomas and take a ferry from Red Hook to Tortola and then from Tortola to Jost Van Dyke.  The ferry ride was stunning and I wish I had put on sunscreen for the ferry ride as I got the worst sunburn of my life!

The ride to Sandy Spit
Sandy Spit

We stayed at the campground at Ivans stress free bar.  It was literally right next to the bar!  It was not quiet but it was a fun experience!  The water was beautiful and warm!  It was really nice laying on a  hammock near the tent and watching the sun set.  There were clean bathrooms and showers within walking distance and the camping area was clean.

Watching the clouds

There are places to stay so you don’t have to camp.  It is a small island so don’t expect to find high rises or elaborate hotels.  It is a very simple place and the grocery store has minimal things to prepare at camp.  We ended up eating out a lot, the food was good but also not cheap.  The drinks were fabulous and over $10 each.  It is very easy to drop a lot of cash at one of the bars on the island.

Camping at Evans

The most popular was the Soggy Dollar bar where boats would be anchored down and people would swim to the bar.  After the sun went down it was very quiet and only a few people were around.  It was actually quite nice!  There were some other bars on the other side of the island, Foxys and Foxys Taboo which were really good but again, pricey.


Is it expensive?  Are the people nice?  What other things are there to do there?

I found Jost Van Dyke to be more expensive that the other islands.  Walking around from each place was pretty easy but after a few drinks it made sense to take the cab.  The cab rides are very expensive so I would suggest staying close to where you want to eat and drink.

Beach we camped on
Beach on Sandy Spit

The people were friendly but not as welcoming as St John.  The island is very small and I got the impression they didn’t appreciate having drunk tourists all over.

There is not much to do on the island which I liked.  We did rent a dinghy for a day and took a ride to Sandy Spit which is a cool tiny Island where the Corona commercial was filmed.  It literally felt like we were on a deserted island until a few people came up in boats.  Partying is the main activity on the island and most of the people there let loose all day and night!

Bubbly Pool

What kind of scary critters live on Jost Van Dkye?  What is Jost Van Dyke trail running like?


The only critters we saw were goats, lots of goats!  We did not see any other critters and I could not find any information on what else lives there!

The trail running is hilly and most of it is on jeep roads.  There were some nice trails that could be linked up with the jeep roads.  We were able to find the high point of the island which was a fun adventure!  There were very few trails and for a couple of ultra runners we were able to basically hit them all in a day!

The trails
View from one of our runs


I heard there is a lot of partying on Jost Van Dkye, is that true?

There is a lot of partying so if you go plan to have a fun attitude!  They know how to make strong drinks and most people there are looking to let loose.  We did see some things on the beach and at some bars that I would not want children to see so if you are going to take your little ones be prepared for the almost anything goes atmosphere.

Parked dinghy on Sandy Spit

Overall it was a beautiful island and we had fun!  The running was minimal but still fun!  Sandy spit is wicked fun to check out and the side of the island with Foxys Taboo was a must see!  There were some trails and a swimming hole called the bubbly pools with lots of waves splashing over the rocks and into it!

Relaxing on the beach

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