Back in the mountains, wild and free…

It’s been a week full of some rainy days and some hot sunny days and it has been perfect for melting snow!  I am ready to say goodbye to winter and get back on the rocky trails that I love so much!  Spring is such a beautiful time of year and it always feels good to clean up the yard after the snow melts!

Mountain biking again!!
We still have snow, took out the fat bike!

I have had a wonderful recovery since the Boston Marathon.  The bright side of not being able to run fast was that my legs and body were not destroyed as they usually are after marathons!  I had some fun mountain bike rides on snow in NH and dirt in CT when visiting my family down there and had some wonderful runs with friends!

Mountain biking on dirt in CT! Thanks for the tour Mike!
That tree is still at Case Mountain!

On Sunday I ran the Muddy Moose trail race in Wolfeboro, NH which is a fun spring event!  I really wanted to run the 14 mile race but my coach told me that it would not be smart so soon after Boston.  I ran the 4 mile race and it was really hard to not go for the long race!  When it comes to running trails or mountain biking I struggle with holding back.  I need someone to keep me from doing too much and ending up injured.

Keri and I at Muddy Moose!
Photo by Salmon Press Wolfeboro Sports–Muddy moose race
Photo by Salmon Press Wolfeboro Sports–Muddy Moose race

I joked with Ryan at the start and he said to treat it like a joke and go out like a 5k.  Well…I did just that.  I hammered out a sub 7 minute first mile, laughing the whole time!  Then the mud got sticky and the puddles deep.  I got slowed way down and for the first time since the fall I felt the uneven terrain that trails provide!  It was a hoot!  I ran through the middle of the puddles and kept my heart rate up as high as I could!

My nephews and I!
My nephews and I!
My beautiful mountain, nothing makes me happier than being in the mountains..wild and free.

My legs felt incredible, my cardio…not so much!  I ran in the lead for 3 miles and was pretty excited that I might actually take my first overall win.  Well…so much for that!!!  A guy caught me in the sticky mud and I tried to hold on but couldn’t.  When we hit the pavement I cranked it up and started to close in on him but it was not enough to catch him.  I was still pretty thrilled to come in 2nd overall and 1st woman!

Lots of Snow!
So much snow still!

Ryan ran the long race so I chatted with my friend Keri at the finish while she waited for the kids she brought with her from the running club she started in her town!  The kids were so cute and it was awesome to see them finish!

Ryan finished the race and said it was really muddy and I wished I had done the long race!  We got lunch and went home to work on the yard.  Today I had a fabulous jog/hike up to the Hammond trail junction on Mount Chocorua.  The trails were muddy, but it was so nice to run on rock for about a mile until the snow line was reached!

My Jack Puppy!

The monorail of snow was pretty slick and I took a good digger on my way back down and when I hit the rocks I realized I was a bit out of practice on the trails!  I have an incredible season ahead of me and to pull it off I have to achieve a very high level of mountain fitness and have plenty of recovery time so I don’t end up injured.  I am pretty confident I can find balance in my life and running!

I am very fortunate to have an incredible boss who allows me time to train and to get to races whenever I want.  More employers should be so respectful of their employees lives outside of work.  It really makes me put in 150% to my day at work.

My Bennett

I have replaced my social media addiction with more fiddle playing, daily meditation and mindfulness and getting back to blogging.  I am extremely happy to have so many friends reach out to me through email, text and messenger to keep in touch!  It is nice to have private conversations with friends and even nicer to see them in person.  I was worried I would be missing out on socializing but instead I feel like my friendships are becoming more meaningful.

Chickens laying eggs! Look close, one of the nesting boxes has two hens in it!!!

Ryan and I have been in a wonderful place together and we both want to get our mountain fitness back and chase our wacky dreams of growing and raising our own food and living our lives in an unconventional way.  We have a great plan for our future and it is going to be really fun working together to make this happen!

I want to thank my sponsors for all of their support over the years: La Sportiva, Choucas Hats, JULBO USA and Boom Nutrition (use code FOLCIKSHARE5 for your discount at boom nutrition)  Thank you to my Ryan for literally going through hell and hitting rock bottom with me and instead of giving up and running away sticking it out with us and working so hard to fix what was broken.  I am really happy to feel like we are meant to be together.  Thank you to my Jack Puppy and Bennett for being the best little trail and snuggle bugs I could ever have.  They have given me so much joy and love.  Thank you to my friends for playing with me, listening with me and taking time out of your lives to share it with me.  Thank you to AJW for coaching me through a pretty wild year, I have no idea how it will play out but I am so blessed to even have an opportunity to experience so much over the next few months!  I am a very lucky girl and this time I am pretty sure I have got my sparkle back!

Look!!! The snow is melting down low and I can run on rocks now!

It has been too many years since I felt this way, don’t ever smash your skull open.  It really sucks and takes a long time to recover from it. Traumatic Brain Injuries are no joke.

Feel free to contact me as I am not going to be returning to social media for socializing.

The pups love the puddles!!

Your flame might turn into a smoky ember, hold onto hope and that ember will never extinguish.  Instead it will glow brighter each day and without warning it will burn bright inside your soul and bring you back to life.

Love isn’t always easy, but isn’t that what makes it fun! Time for us to get back in the mountains!

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