Time to listen to my body

After all of the craziness of this summer I still had a few big events planned.  I went from hardcore Denali training to summitting Denali May 25, 2010.  I returned to Connecticut a week later to finish a 26.4 mile trail running race.  The Nipmuck is my favorite race and I knew this would be the last year Dave would be running it and wanted to be there.  I am glad I went because the race now happens in October and I usually do ultra runs in the fall and won’t be able to run it.  The year continued with multiple visits up north to do Traverses and loops.  Some of them hiking, some of them running.  The biggie was running the Pemi Loop in 9 hours 21 minutes back in August.  I continued to train as well during the week by running and biking.  I also registered for the Lake Placid Iron Man competition in July 2011 and needed to learn how to swim.

So, as usual, I jumped in headfirst.  I bought a swimsuit, wetsuit, goggles, cap, and tri suit.  I did a lot of swimming and “pretend” triathalons with distances close to that of an half iron!  September came and I ran the Virgil Crest Ultra which was my goal for the fall.  I had worked on running a lot this year to prepare for it and it paid off.  I did really well and had a ton of fun.  The week after Virgil I rode my first Century ride (102 miles) on my bicycle.  It was not easy but I had fun.  I could feel myself getting more tired, but kept on training.

I began to notice myself riding slower, running slower, feeling more tired, and losing weight very quickly.  I was not in the mood to run Bimblers but signed up for it and figured I would get more excited as I got closer to the race.  I was getting excited until I started to feel bad on a bike ride last Tuesday night.  By Wednesday morning I had serious issues with my stomache and spent a lot of time in the bathroom. I was too sick to eat much more than bread and apples for two days and I just couldn’t seem to hydrate.  My pee was very brown and I just felt off.  By Friday I started to feel normal again but was still terribly dehydrated.  I got as much rest as I could and by Sunday morning I just had a gut feeling that running was not a good idea.  I am a very stubborn person and have a lot of self pride.  When I say I am going to do something I do it and I finish it unless I can’t move.

I arrived at Bimblers 50k race in the pouring rain.  I was very nervous because I felt awful and wasn’t sure how I would do.  Some of my friends were there and it was nice to have them out on the trail with me.  My friends are faster than me on a good day and way faster on a bad day for me.  I wanted to finish in 6 hours which is a reasonable pace for me at the 50k distance.

The race began and I did not feel so good.  I figured I would sink into a nice pace and feel better as I usually feel bad for a couple of miles and then start to feel awesome.  It didn’t happen.  My stomach was acting up again and I wasn’t sure how it would hold up.  I felt very tired and worst of all, unmotivated.  I ran straight through the first aid station.  Soon I was being passed by John, Deb, Ryan, and Rob.  I didn’t understand what was up until I found out they ran the wrong way and were trying to regain lost time.  There was a pie plate with an arrow pointing to the right.  I almost went right but someone who knew the trail stopped a few of us and told us it wasn’t right.  He tore down the sign so others would not get lost.

Soon my fast friends were in front of me again and I was coming undone quickly.  Then we hit the dirt roads, never ending dirt roads.  I hated it!  I wanted to quit right there.  My right hamstring started cramping and I felt nauseous.  This was not my day.  The other thing that was strange was that I could not get my heart rate up over 160 BPM which is not normal for me.  I usually average around 170 with peaks up to 180 during ultra runs.  Something was up.  I started to get really cranky and right before I totally flipped out I found myself running with Rob and soon at the halfway point of the race. 

Running with Rob gave me a bit of a boost to just hang in there.  He had gotten lost twice along with several other runners and his motivation was sinking as fast as mine.  We both whined a bit but decided that we would finish even if we walked the rest of the way.  The highlight of the run was the top of the cliff.  I am a mountain climber and the hills at mile 10 were wonderful!  I am not a fast runner on flat terrain but I can motor up and down the hills.  The views from the top were spectacular!  I had to stop and stand on the edge of the cliff and look down, wondering if we could rock climb any of them.  I also took in the lovely views of the fall foliage and lakes.

I had a bit of a second wind and ran a decent pace until I had some major cramping in both my hamstrings, my hip, and both arms.  I started to get some chest pain and had trouble breathing.  I had a serious panic attack and had to run off into the woods to take off all of my clothes and kick the attack.  I couldn’t take my sports bra, heart rate monitor, socks, shoes, or tights any longer.  This has never happened to me before while running!  I started wondering if I was having a heart attack or if I was going to pass out in the woods naked, never to be found again.  I put on my running skirt and upper garments, loosened my heart rate monitor and hip pouch, put on my socks and sneakers, tied my tights around my waist and headed out to the trail where Rob was just coming through.  He asked if I was lost or crapping.  I told him I had to take my clothes off for a bit and we carried on.

Just before mile 21 I decided I was done, quitting.  Everything hurt, I was cramping, crying, and wondering what the heck was wrong!  I can usually suffer really well, but today it was not happening.  I have a way of focusing on my breathing and putting myself into a semi hypnotic state where I forget about the pain and my thoughts become clouds just passing through my head.  Today I just couldn’t find that place.  When I came out to mile 21 Ryans girlfriend was cheering me on and helped me fill my water bottle and made me eat.  She encouraged me to keep going.  I can’t thank her enough for what she did, even though it was probably nothing for her, it meant the world to me.  I took a deep breath as she said she would see me at the finish and ran on.  I had just met her that morning and I couldn’t believe how helpful she was!

The thought of only running 10 more miles would have been wonderful if it weren’t for those stupid dirt roads.  I got so frustrated at one point that I started walking and pulled out my cell phone to text Don and tell him I wanted to just die on the trail.  He encouraged me to keep going.  I only had about 6 miles to go at that point.  We sent texts back and forth and it helped me pass the time.  Soon I was back on some trail and put the phone away and started running again.  When I ever got to the last aid station and knew I only had about 2.5 miles to go I just wanted it over.  I must have looked terrible as the aid station workers seemed concerned but they let me continue.  I think I blabbed something about doing lots of ultras and knowing what I was doing and that I would be fine.  Honestly, I didn’t know if I would be fine but I just wanted to finish.  I sent Don another text to tell him I should be done in a half hour.

I ran as fast as I could for the last two miles.  I just wanted to have this race over.  I started to hallucinate and see black spots moving around me.  My cramps were really bad, my feet hurt and I wanted to cry.  I blasted the most aggressive music I had on my ipod and pushed on through.  When I ever saw the finish line I was so darn happy.  I had blisters all over my feet from loosening my sneakers after my panick attack, but I was done.  Ryan and Rebecca were at the finish with big smiles and congratulations for finishing!  It was so nice to see them there!  Shortly after I came through Rob came through and we were all happy the race was over!

I was really mad at my time, 6 hours 39 minutes.  I placed 10th out of women and 43 out of 111 overall.  I really wanted a 6 hour finish but that was not in the cards for that day.  This was my first 50k.  I have run marathons, 50 milers, and 100ks.  I was surprised at how similar the 50k is to a marathon distance.  I think I prefer the longer races where you knock the pace down a bit.  Right now I don’t even want to think about running, but I am looking forward to trying to run the Massanutten 100 in 2011 with some of my friends (if we get in!)

Last night was just terrible.  I was up all night with a pounding headache and violent cramps.  I just kept my Nalgene bottle in bed with me and drank as much as I could.  I would have short moments of sleep and nightmares only to be woken by cramps in my arms and legs.  I am not going to be getting a lot done today.  I almost passed out in my yoga class and my resting heart rate still hovers in the high 90’s.  Drinking lots of water and eating are my goals for today.  I learned a lot about what my body is capable of and even when I am feeling my worst my mind is still stronger than my body.  My stubbornness is my best friend and my worst enemy.  I also confirmed that I am not a quitter and that it is time to give my body a rest.  I never feel like I am an athlete and my biggest dream is to become a strong and very fit athlete.  Soon enough I will get there!  I have only been formally training for 2 years now so I can’t expect too much, yet.  🙂

Taper time

This week has been all about staying healthy and tapering.  I have enjoyed the break from the crazy runs, bikes, etc.  My body is a bit confused and it is hard for me not to go out on a 20 mile run just for fun.  For some reason I am feeling a bit more anxiety with my upcoming 50k than usual for my running races.  Maybe I am still tired from everything I have been doing lately, or maybe I just feel like I need a break from the hard stuff for a bit.  I am really looking forward to some fun time over the next couple of months.  I love training, but I also love to have some time to do some easy hikes, some camping trips, fun local long mountain bike rides, fun trail runs, and dirtbiking.  Getting out for some more rock climbing would be nice also!

After Bimblers Bluff on Sunday I am excited about recovering and then attempting my first dirtbike enduro Oct 31!  It will be a huge challenge for me and I hope to at least get through 35 miles of the course.  If I finish all 70 I will be quite shocked!  It all depends on how bad I crash and how stuck I get my dirtbike.  It weighs 250lbs and I currently weigh 115!  It is a challenge to move that beast around!  I love riding 4 strokes and my CRF fits me so well that I don’t feel comfortable on any other bike at this point, and of course, having a pink dirtbike makes that one even more fun to ride!

High Goals

The weekday life is usually quite ineventful.  The usual runs, the regular mountain bike rides, planned swims, and mostly playing in the dark after work.  There is something really nice about playing in the dark.  The mountain bike rides suddenly become an adventure full of new challenges, the running becomes a bit faster as I try to beat the setting sun, and the swims will soon be moving inside to a chlorinated pool.  I will also be starting up again with my gym workouts and just started with my lunchtime backpack hikes to train for my winter adventures.  My pack weights will vary from 25-70lbs, but most times will be around 40lbs.

One really exciting thing I am noticing is my body starting to finally adjust to vigorous training.  I am recovering quicker and feeling stronger.  This week has been a tired week for me, but I also feel like I am fighting a bit of a cold so I am trying to rest as much as possible too.  I have a 50k trail running race on Oct 24 and a 70 mile dirtbike Enduro Oct 31, so I need to stay strong and healthy. 

As usual, my goals are getting loftier all the time.  I am having irrational thoughts of qualifying for the Hawaii Iron Man at my Lake Placid Iron man next year.  Can I really get my swim down to about an hour, my bike ride under 6 hours and a sub 4 marathon?  Well, I was able to train for Denali to the point of the pack weight being comfortable!  I was able to carry about 75lbs in my pack and almost 50 more in a sled while I only weighed 119lbs!  Is my thought lofty, yes, but I have shown myself that with proper training I can do the impossible!

I am starting to have sick thoughts of finishing the Hardrock 100 trail running race in 2012.  The thought of it scares me and excites me at the same time!  I have run 62 miles before, but 100 seems really hard.  I am also starting to plan my ice climbing season and my Mount Shuksan climb for next year.  So much to look forward to!  One step at  a time, I will get there, and maybe even surprise myself!    🙂

Three days of fun! Rock climbing, dirtbiking, hiking!

Don and I salvaged the last few days of our vacation.  We were supposed to be off climbing this week but it rained everywhere within an 8 hour drive so we stayed home, worked on the addition, and finally got out Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. 
We went rock climbing at Pinnacle on Friday.  I decided to try leading rock again after taking a couple years off from leading.  I don’t know what route I climbed or what it was rated but I would guess it was a 5.3.  Not very impressive, but, I led and felt good leading.  Maybe I can get back up to where I was before I stopped!  We also haven’t climbed rock more than 3 times in the last year!  Don led part of a 5.8 and I lowered him on his protection that he placed.  This was a first for Don and it was great for him to start to trust his pro.  I have backed off on so many leads that I trust my placements, but the first time using it is certainly scary!  We also did a bit of toproping which was wonderful!  I even took a good fall on toprope that I totally did not expect.  It was wonderful to have Don catch me and to see that the system does work!  We need to get out on the rock more, but we are both way more into ice climbing than rock climbing so we are really looking forward to the winter!
Saturday we went dirtbiking down at Patchaug

 and had a blast!  We printed out the route sheets for the ride and had to bail on the last 10 miles because it was getting dark out.  Too bad because the last 10 miles were trails!  Next time!  We still had a lot of fun.  It is not the hardest place we have ever ridden but it was still fun!  Anytime Don is willing to go dirtbiking with me, I am ready to go!  It is the one sport that I am not good enough to do alone.  My bike is so heavy that sometimes I crash or get stuck and cannot move the bike.  It really stinks but I am trying to get stronger so I can crash less and move the bike around easier!  I just love riding my pink dirtbike!
Sunday we hiked up Mount Monadnock.  It was fun!  We went up the white cross trail and were treated to wonderful views!  The summit sure was crowded, but the white cross trail didn’t have many people on it so that was nice.  It took us 50 minutes to get to the top which we were surprised at because we thought it would have taken longer.
After we saw we were only out for about an hour we decided to walk over to Bald Mountain and then take the cliff walk trail to the Lost Farm trail and back to the car.  It only took another 50 minutes of walking/jogging down.  We stopped along the way to snack and take in the wonderful fall views!   We came home and got some house chores done.  It was a really nice three days!

see photos here

My most interesting vacation ever

Well, seven months ago I took off this week in October.  The original plan was to go to Moab, Utah with friends.  That obviously fell apart as everyone started bailing.  So, Don and I planned for a nice climbing trip somewhere.  We looked into Seneca Rocks in WV all the way up to Acadia, Maine.  Well, the weather gods were having none of that.

We started our vacation by doing stuff around the house on Saturday and I went for a short fast run with Amy.  Sunday we had a blast riding the Ashford Century.  Then it started raining.  No problem, we would work on taping the addition for a few days and then head up north Thursday.  Boy were we wrong!

Monday we worked on the new and old basement and made it nice and clean and organized.  The forecast looked crappy for a few days so we went to Home Depot that night and bought supplies to tape the drywall.  We had a dinner that we shared at Bertuccis and then went home to sleep.  We got up late Tuesday and then we dug around in the kitchen and realized we really didn’t have any food.  It was time to get creative.  We threw together some scrambled eggs with tomatos, peppers and onions, shared a bagel, and had a glass of milk. We got the first coat of compound up on all the screw holes and did some corners that day.  We scrounged up some frozen Raviolis from the freezer for lunch.  I also found enough stuff to make baked ziti for that night and the next night.  We ate and went to bed.

Wednesday morning we got up to another late start.  It was still dark and raining.  We made French Toast for breakfast.  We took a bunch of garbage and building scraps to the dump and then came home.  We got the second coat of compound up on the screw holes and worked on putting down more tape.  We were getting pretty tired of taping so we quit around 6pm.  We had our left over baked ziti.  We looked at the forecast and Thursday still looked wet up north so we figured we would leave Friday and have a nice 3 day climbing weekend up north.  Well, then we got a phonecall.  A family birthday party was going to happen Friday night, and it was an important birthday so there was no way we would be missing it. Oh well, now we are down to a 2 day weekend trip.

So, we woke today to more rain.  We got a 3rd coat of compound on the screws and worked on taping more corners.  We were going to go for a short run together after we got tired of taping.  Then Don got a phonecall.  He was asked to do a favor.  We continued taping and he looked at me, all stressed out, and said he wanted to go do the favor.  I took a deep breath and politely told him it was no problem.  We cleaned up and he took off.  I threw on my running clothes and went to put on my heartrate monitor.  I was really itching to get outside now that the rain finally stopped! 

I looked at the monitor and put it down.  I decided I was going to go for a stress free easy 5 mile jog and didn’t want to think about  my heartrate or time.  Honestly, running alone is sometimes easier anyway because I am either dying trying to keep up or trying to hold myself back.  It was a lovely run with the sun peeking in and out of the clouds.  I think I ran for about 5o minutes and according to google maps did 5.1 miles.  I am happy.

Hopefully we will be able to get out and climb locally tomorrow, maybe Ragged or Pinacle.  It will be a nice warmup before driving up to NH to salvage the last 2 days of our 9 day vacation.  If we don’t get out and climb for at least a couple of days this week I think I may end up putting on a meat bikini and attempting not to get eaten by a bear while going for the record on the Pemi Loop.  But seriously, I am honestly trying to have a new attitude on life.  When things don’t go as planned, go with the flow and make the best out of any situation.  A week of rest, sleeping late, lazy meals, getting closer to finishing our addition and simple stressfree workouts might be just what we needed this week.  With all that didn’t go as planned we didn’t have one argument this week we and managed to still be smiling. 🙂  I just hope we can have a bit of play time together this weekend!!!!

The Ashford Century Ride

On October 3, 2010 a few of us decided to ride the Ashford Century Ride.  The day before the ride I decided to run 2.5 miles with my fast friend Amy.  I ended up getting a lovely cramp in my right hamstring.  I guess I wasn’t recovered from last weeks ultra run.  I was worried that I would not be able to finish the ride and stayed up half the night worrying.
I got up early in the morning and still had the ache in my hamstring.  It was a very chilly day but the forecast predicted the temperatures to warm up to 65 degrees that afternoon.  Don, Ken, Scott, Jen, Caryn, Michelle, and myself all showed up at 7am, freezing in the 40 degree temps.  We hoped the sun would come out and the day would get warmer.  We all registered and accidentally got off to a late start.
The first few miles were FREEZING!  Our toes and fingers were numb.  I was glad I wore long tights but wished I had warmer gloves and shoes.  The course was very pretty and soon we were going up a nice big hill that warmed all of us up quickly.  We pedaled past farms, fields, wooded areas, and even a house with a cow in the driveway.  After a while (and a few extra miles for Ken and Scott) we all met up at the first aid station and ate like pigs!  The volunteers and the food were wonderful.  Don found some hot apple cider and made us all jealous! We were all turning blue, covered in goosebumps, and starting to shiver so we took off up the hill.
We were noticing a trend here, the hills were a great way to warm up!  The sun still did not shine but our spirits were high.  We were about 30 miles into the ride.  The ride continued up into Massachussettes and into more beautiful areas.  It was really pretty and soon to become very hilly!  We all suffered up the next set of hills and were anxiously waiting for the next aid station somewhere around mile 68.  Soon we were there and ate like champs again!  We were more than half way finished and still feeling pretty good!
Well, that all changed pretty quickly.  As I hit mile 70 I wanted to start crying.  I just felt so cold and tired.  My legs were burning and I was wondering why I decided to ride 100  miles after running 51.4 miles a week earlier.  What was wrong with me!   By now the headwinds were ridiculously strong and annoying.  The temperature was still freezing and we were all tired, but happy, knowing we would finish our ride!    Up some more challenging hills and a few more pushes and we were at Mansfield Hollow (around mile 90ish).  We stopped and waited for Scott, Jen, and Caryn.  They were right behind us and we couldn’t figure out what could have happened.  The guy at the aid station was tracking people still out there and did not remember driving by them.  We began to wonder if they got lost.  We tried to call them but no answer.  We left our number with the guy at the aid station and took off towards the end of the ride. 
A few miles later I got a phonecall.  Scott, Jen, and Caryn decided to put on a few extra miles as 102 obviously was not enough for them. 😉  We were relieved and pedaled on to the end of the ride.  At mile 100 I was so tired I wanted to be done.  That last two miles was not easy!
We went inside the building after we got off our bikes and were treated to wonderful loaded baked potatoes and hot apple crisp!  What a great way to end a great ride with friends!  We were so happy to have ridden and the course was beautiful!  Definitly one to do again next year!  Total riding time was 7 hours 20 minutes!  Here is a link to the pictures that the ride photographer was taking. http://www.flickr.com/photos/jrsox/page11/

Virgil Crest Ultra Run 50 miles

After running 100k at Virgil Crest Ultra last year I decided I would take it easy and only run 50 miles this year.  The Denali trip took a lot of training and I wasn’t sure if I would be in running shape by September.  We drove out to Virgil on Friday and got there in time for the wonderful pasta dinner.  I was hungry and I was also hoping the aid stations would have the wonderful food that they had last year.  I only run these events for the food (well, I do like the running part too)!  We set up our tents and tried to sleep but it was way to hot for that, a bit different than the icy start last year.  At around 2am the wind picked up and cooled things down a bit.  I finally dozed off only to be woken up by my alarm clock at 4:45.  It was time.

I cooked some hot water and made some oatmeal and hot tea.  I got dressed and headed out to the start under a large moon and starlit sky.  It was beautiful!  With everyone lined up at the start with their headlamps on I could feel the excitement building up inside me.  Before I knew it we were off!  It was a lovely start to a long race and things were going great as we headed up the first hill.  I had my friend with me who was running his first ultra and at 21 years old I wasn’t sure if he would be able to pace himself.  We chatted and I told him he could stick with me if he wanted and I would do the pacing for both of us.  Little did I know that this would be one of the hardest things I have done in a race, but at the same time I wanted to see him finish.

Don was waiting at the first aid station when we came through and he had on a big smile!  Ben and I were feeling great so we grabbed some quick water and a snack.  I gave Don a quick kiss before heading back into the woods.  Things were going great for Ben and I.  On the trail I caught up with Rob and we chatted for a while about stomach problems and running.  I sure was hoping not to have any issues this year.  I managed to get a bit off track but soon found the trail again.  Soon I was at the Lifthouse aid station looking up at Greek Peak.  I remembered it tearing me apart last year between mile 50 and 55.8 and was not looking forward to doing it twice again this year.  Oh well, I was ready for a challenge. 

Ben and I started up Greek Peak and enjoyed some wonderful fall foliage and views of the valley below.  We went up and down and then up and down again and back to Lifthouse 5 where I changed my shoes out for some dry ones and also threw on my cute watermelon socks.  Smiling again, we were off.  Don was there with a big smile cheering us on.  Ben had officially run further than he ever had before!  His longest run prior to that point was 10 miles.

I warned him about the long hill ahead on the way to Rock Pile.  We slugged up the hill and then were able to run nicely again for a little while.  Don was at the intersection before Rockpile and he threw some more Accelarade in my waterbottle for me.  Ben and I got up to the Rockpile where I pigged out on watermelon and pineapple.  Just what I was craving at that point!  Then I was off again and up some more big hills headed to Daisy Hollow.  I was getting nervous because we were getting close to the turnaround and we hadn’t seen anyone come by yet.  I told Ben something was up as I was sure there was no way we were that close to the front.  Close to the turnaround we finally saw the leaders.  A couple people ran by and then I saw Ryan flying by us and he was looking strong.  Then one of the 100 miler women came by and all of a sudden we were at the turnaround.  Somebody told me I was in first place for the womens 50 and I freaked out!  I didn’t expect to be near the front and certainly did not want the stress of being in the lead for the first half of the race.  I sucked up some chicken noodle soup like a vacuum, thanked the volunteers, gave Don a quick kiss and took off running.

The second place girl was about 15 minutes behind me, not a lot of distance between us for such a long race.  I wondered if I could hold onto the lead.  I also wanted to help Ben finish.  I was holding us at a pace to finish around 10 hours for the first 25 miles and then backed us off to about a 10.5 hour finish.  I was still feeling strong and was watching Ben to make sure the pace was good for the two of us.  We soon found ourselves back at Rock Pile pigging out on some fresh fruit and then making a mad dash for the Lifthouse. 

Coming down the last hill before Tone road I ate shit really hard in a rock garden.  I sucked it up and kept on running.  We got back to the lifthouse and then headed up Greek Peak for the dreaded second time around.  This climb again rewarded us with spectacular views of the area.  Ben and I chatted and I started panicking that we were not going fast enough for me to stay in the lead.  I had gone about 35 miles and was in the lead, a first for me.  Ben decided to tell me that I should stop getting excited because I wasn’t fast enough to hang onto the win.  By the time I came off of Greek Peak and back to the Lifthouse I was in tears.  Don wondered what was up and I told him that I wanted to win this race more than anything else and I didn’t know if I would.

Ben and I ran up the road, me with tears in my eyes.  I couldn’t even eat my cookie as I was so upset I wanted to puke.  Don came by in my car and told me I had a 30 minute lead on the next woman and to chill out.  I still couldn’t relax.  Ben and I pushed through the next few miles and when we got to mile 46 we both got a nice emotional boost.  We knew we would finish and knew we would finish well!  Don gave me a hug and a kiss as I choked up with tears and took off down the hill to the finish.  At this point I had dropped us down to an 11.5 hour finish.  I kept us on a run the descents, jog the flats, and walk the ups plan.  We did this until we hit the paved path and we both decided we were going to walk a bit.  I was an emotional wreck for so many reasons; helping Ben finish, staying in the lead, the difficulty of the course this year, and lack of sleep.  When we crossed that finish line together, holding each others hands up high we both felt relieved. 

Don was at the finish with a big huge smile!  Ryan had gotten a 2nd place finish overall, I placed first in womens, and Ben and I tied for 5th place overall!  Not bad!  I think if my head were in it I could have finished a bit faster but this race was not about me this year, it was about helping a friend finish his first ultra and he really surprised me with his amazing finish! 

This race makes the Vermont 50 feel like a walk in the park.  For anyone looking for a real challenge then this is the race for you!  Virgil Crest will chew you up, spit you out, and stomp you into the ground.  It will also have some of the kindest and most wonderful volunteers, aid stations, and director.  I will be back next year for another Virgil Crest beating.  🙂

My kitties

Here is a picture of my two kitties, blackie and shredder.   I don’t have any children so I spoil my two cats rotten.  They are always there for me and ready to cuddle!

I finally have a blog, let’s talk about Hemp Oil!

After a long time of trying to figure out how to do it I finally have a blog.  I will be posting many of my lifes adventures here.  I hope to inspire everyone reading my blog to never stop dreaming and to join me on my never ending quest to do it all and see it all!

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20 Years from now you will be more dissapointed by the things you didn’t do than by the ones you did do.

An ordinary girl living a not so ordinary life

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