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St John Trail Running

We love St John trail running!  Sadly the island got slammed with two hurricanes in the fall and is still recovering.  The campground at Cinnamon bay was by far the nicest place on the island and we hope that they rebuild it.  Kenny Chesney has set up a foundation to help raise money to help rebuild the island and it is awesome to see him bring so many people together to help repair the broken island.

I love so many things about St John, my favorite being the incredible trails, the awesome people the low key vibe, the beautiful snorkeling and beaches!  There is something special about that island.

Trail running!

What are the trails like?  Are there dangerous creatures are there?  What is the weather like?

The trails are amazing!  They are rugged, steep and fun!  The offer wonderful views and you can run through lush forests and arid desert.  The Trail Bandit map is pretty sweet and will help guide you through over 30 miles of trail!

High pointing!

There really are not any dangerous creatures on the island.  You will see donkeys, goats, iguana, lizards, hermit crabs, mosquitos, snakes and cats.  There are some to watch out for in the water such as jelly fish, sea urchins, barracuda and nurse sharks.  (The worse we experienced was being stung by a jellyfish)

It felt so nice to be wearing a tank top and sweating!

The weather is hot, it typically rains for a few minutes at night.  It is not very windy so the camping can be quite muggy.  We just leave the fly off of the tent and use the tarp for shade and rain protection.  The sun is very bright so be sure to bring good sunglasses and sunblock!


Which side of the road do they drive on?  Is there camping?  Are there flights that go to the island?

Driving is done on the left side of the road even though the steering wheel is on the left side of the car.  The roads are very steep with a lot of twists and turns.  It is a very easy island to navigate so you won’t have to worry about getting lost.

There was camping and hopefully will be again.  Cinnamon Bay was the nicest campground!  They had very nice outside showers with private stalls and clean toilets and sinks.  The campsites all had cooking grates and fire rings.  They were very well kept and I highly suggest bringing a tarp or buying one while you are out there to hang over your site as it does rain sometimes for a few minutes.

More fishies!

There are no flights to St John, you will have to fly to St Thomas and take a ferry.  There are ferries that run from most of the islands in the area so fly into whichever is easier for you.  The ferry ride is about 25 minutes.  We typically rent a car in St Thomas to make things easier.  There are two ferries that you can take.  Currently you can only use the Red Hook Ferry as Charlotte Amalie is no longer running.

Incredible view from a run

Is it expensive?  Do you need a passport?

St John is located in the USVI.  Hotels can be expensive but you can rent places for reasonable prices through AirBNB.  I have not stayed at any of the hotels but most are located in Cruz Bay.  Caneel Bay had a lovely resort but I have heard that they will not be rebuilding after the storm.  The best meal I ever had was at ZoZo’s which was in Caneel Bay.

Evening running on the island
Dinner in the islands!

Expect to pay around $20-$60 for dinner (more in some of the fancy places).  Lunch is typically $10-20 and we ate breakfast for $5 at the Starfish market.  Drinks range from $5-12 unless you hit up one of the many happy hour specials which are between $1-5.

our campsite!
Ram head point

You do need to bring your passport for the return back to the United States.   There was a very short and easy customs line and it did not take long to get into the terminal at the airport.  Plan on being there 2-3 hours prior to your departure time.  There is plenty of food inside the terminal.

Aside from St Johnntrail running are there other activities?  Do they have trail races on the island?

There are so many different things to do on the Island!  You can snorkel at one of the many beautiful beaches, take excursions to other islands, fish, relax on the beach, kite surf, sail, kayak, shop and so much more!  It really is a place that has it all!

Mutants on a wild adventure!
The cool things that can be found on the trails! This was before our fun bushwack!

There is a trail race and a road race that are both quite popular.  The 8 tuff miles is a run on pavement and there is also the St John trail race which is 13.6 miles.  I have not run either of them but hope to run them someday!

Trying out paddle boards in the islands!

I would highly recommend a trail running trip to St John Island!  Feel free to reach out with any questions!